Michigan City, IN (June 21, 2022) – The 2022 Great Lakes Grand Prix is happy to announce some exciting changes in this year’s schedule.

The LaPorte County Convention and Visitors Bureau (LPCCVB) will be taking over the downtown schedule and making sure that the events associated with the Boat Parade and Block Party will go on as scheduled.

“We are sorry to lose the Michigan City Mainstreet Association as a partner. They did a fantastic job running the Taste tying it in with our Boat Parade and Block Party. Having said that, the change will allow us to make some exciting changes,” said Jack L. Arnett, CEO of LPCCVB.

The new schedule will include a Friday night “Shop Sip Support” event that is designed to support our local merchants. “This event will allow us to showcase our downtown in a new and exciting way said Arnett.“

Arnett continued, “We will also be hosting a Race Team Welcome Party in Washington Park. The event will include live entertainment, food, and beverages. This will be open to the public and give everyone a great opportunity to get up close and mingle with the race teams.”

“Our Saturday Boat Parade and Block Party will still include food provided by our local food vendors along with live entertainment and alcohol vendors.”

“We see this as a win for everyone,” said Arnett. “Adding the two Friday night events and keeping tradition with our Parade and Block Party will continue to make Michigan City the number one destination for Offshore Racing in North America!”

“We are planning for a huge turnout and as always we will be offering Michigan City’s finest food and drink options available.”

“We are so excited to see what the Great Lakes Grand Prix does with the Boat Parade and Block Party,” said Michigan City Mayor Duane Parry. “Jack Arnett and his team have done an amazing job bringing the boat race to the level it is, and we are confident that they will do the same with the Block Party. We are excited to work with the team to make this event bigger and better than ever!”

For a full schedule of events go to www.greatlakesgrandprix.com.

Contact: Jack L. Arnett, CEO LaPorte County CVB, 219.608.9659, jack@michigancitylaporte.com